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China Barbie

Pornstar Ranking: 1,234

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China Barbie first entered the Porn world in 2000. She first appeared in small fetish productions, then later moved on to hardcore. Being quite selective of her work in adult, China splits her time between porn and utilizing her skills in different aspects of the entertainment industry. Film making being her first love, China began directing and producing film shorts. She's currently stripping, which funds her adult and indie-produced films.

In 2007, China Barbie was sued by Barbie toymakers Mattel because they claimed "China Barbie was diluting Barbie's good name." Because of this, China Barbie is now known simply as China. Now China lives in constant fear of potentially being sued by the Peoples Republic of China lol.

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Busty Asian Whore China Barbie
~ 1980 days