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Astrid Jaymes

Pornstar Ranking: 1,234

Videos: 8 | Views: 37789 | Videos Views: 84040

Astrid Jaymes is a petite Asian fuck piece who entered the porn industry in 2009. How did she get her start? Well according to Astrid: "I have always been a highly sexually charged human being. I’ve always had confidence in my looks and sexual abilities. In a nutshell: I love, love, LOVE sex. I was engaged last year and when that ended I was too heartbroken to go out and find meaningless sex. I started getting curious about porn. I tried to masturbate with just me and my imagination and that didn’t work. I started watching free tube sites in order to help me come. After a few months I started being drawn to a particular male performer that reminded me of the type of sex my ex and I used have. – HOT! One drunken night I created a Myspace profile solely to contact him. I sent him a friend request with something cheesy like “What’s a girl gotta do to fuck you.” We corresponded once or twice until it was hammered down – we were going to fuck!" This male pornstar eventually took her around town and introduced her to porn directors, and the rest is history! Watch more Astrid Jaymes porn videos below at All Asian Pornstars.

Astrid Jaymes’s Videos

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